Heigh-ho Silver Plum Crazy
Midnight At The Oasis Stark Raving Red
Anti-Corporate Blue Hawaiian Water
Guiltless Green Wide Awake White
Too Tall Tangerine Techno Banana

Purchasing your very own Kurrent is quite a choice all by itself. It’s a cutting edge, early adopter, yes-as-a-matter-of-fact-I-do-care-about-the-environment choice. So why stop there? Take a few moments to consider exactly what color you’d like to express your choice with. From Anti-Corporate Blue to Stark Raving Red – there’s a palette of colors to put the proper accent on your personal statement. Do not go blandly into this brave new all electric world.

Standard colors:
Black, white.
Optional colors:
Choose from among 8 metallic colors for $200 extra.
The all electric Kurrent – at 2¢ per mile it just goes and goes.